Razor Dirt Scooter (RDS)

publication date: Oct 8, 2013
author/source: Alex Bell

Razor Dirt Scooter

Scooting has been a part of Toby and Pippa's lives from an early age, the transition from buggy to scooter wheels is seamless.

The latest – and in Toby's eyes greatest – machine to join the family fleet is the RDS. RDS stands for Razor Dirt Scooter and the chunky tyres, oversized frame and generally tough stance mark this out as a serious machine - it's the Range Rover of scooters.

The RDS is the first scooter designed to leave the pavement and take on the rough as well as the smooth and, thanks to those big balloon tyres, it can also take riders up to 220 pounds.  It has a heavy duty aluminium frame which is aircraft-grade and wheels and tyres specifically made for tackling dirt.

"One of the best scooters I've ever ridden – it's amazing," says Toby. 'I like the way you can make it jump. It's really good for dirt and grass, even gravel which is cool – it's nice and smooth."

Toby rides his scooter whenever he gets the chance both to school and at the park and is enjoying the admiring glances from other stunt scooter riders.

The Razor Dirt Scooter takes life on wheels to the next level, Toby says it has a really smooth ride and is easy to do jumps because it's light enough and because the wheels are much thicker than other models.

Unlike other two wheel scooters you can lean this model against the wall without it falling over but be warned it does take up a lot of space. The 200mm pneumatic tyres need attention to make sure they are pumped up correctly and we popped into our local bike shop for some advice for maintaining them correctly.

And to finish in Toby's words: "I love the style and design of the RDS, the way it works on all surfaces, particularly grass is awesome. I think a lot of children are going to want one too."

The perfect combination of style and function have proved a winner.

PWT rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The RDS (Razor Dirt Scooter) retails at £149.99 from Argos.

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